Home7 Questions to ask yourself before investing in the BCG Wealth 760 strategy

Before any investor starts placing capital into a fund there will always be a number of questions which will be asked and depending on the outcome action will or will not be taken. Now we’ve comprised a number of questions to make the decisions a lot easier for those looking to invest into the; BCG Wealth 760 strategy, underneath you will find a host of questions as well as the most relevant answers to make life easier and your decision quicker.


  1. Have you invested into a fund or the stock market previously?

Many of those getting involved in the BCG Wealth 760 strategy either have a wealth of experience within the financial markets or none at all, regardless of ones history within investments this fund has allowed old and new investors alike to profit from algorithmic systems which are some of the sharpest and most advanced we have come across during our investigations. The managed account service offered is somewhat of a discretionary fund, allowing the traders at BCG Wealth Group full access to vast amounts of capital at any time. The reason behind this is simple; if every client had to be contacted before a specific trade would be placed that could take hours or even days and once an opportunity has been missed profits have been missed. It’s a very simple and efficient system which has been working efficiently and clearly heading in the right direction.


  1. Do you feel comfortable with someone handling your money?

A very serious question any investor needs to ask before investing into the fund, how do you feel about others handling your money? Clients working with BCG Wealth Group will come to discover that decisions made over their capital and positions for investments is at the sole discretion of the traders, no outside influences other than risk profile will affect or change what areas the corporation will place your funds into. If you’re somebody that will be tossing and turning over the thought of your funds being allocated into areas of the market without your permission then this investment will simply not be for you; on the contrary, if you’re one that is happy with the fund managers vision, decisions and outlook on the fund then this will be an excellent place for your capital to grow at a steady and consistent rate.


  1. What are the fees?

One of the most important questions when it comes to a wealth management company is the fees, whether shown or hidden. In the past we’ve had to do a lot of digging, companies such as St. James Place have a number of hidden fees attached to investments into their funds and for some clients clear transparency regarding fees is not only needed but of upmost importance. After investigating BCG Wealth Group and posing as a client we managed to find that fees for the company were frozen at a very low 2% of all profits made on investments, not only did this mean that they had undercut competitors but with returns in excess of 13% a year it provided the perfect catalyst for a successful fund within the city. Before clients invest capital into any company I always suggest asking what the fees are as that will not only give you a clear indication of profits to expect but also ensure that you have more profit to keep once the fund has closed. Fees are important, just as important as an exemplary service as well as substantial returns. In my opinion it can often persuade or dissuade clients getting involved in funds, good thing BCG kept theirs low.


  1. What areas will your capital be invested into?

Investors will always ask the question with regards to the areas in which capital will be invested. The BCG Wealth 760 strategy is one of the most diversified and constructive we have seen for a very long time, seamlessly adapting to market conditions and adapting to the ever evolving changes of global economics. The reason they are so good at adapting is the use of state of the art algorithms and embracing the change that technology has brought with it. Predominantly BCG Wealth Group invests into the traditional areas; currencies, commodities, equities and indices however they also look at innovative companies with a vision of the future. For that reason you may find that a portion of your capital will be invested into a renewable energy company or one that deals with water filtration, as BCG Wealth Group not only spots opportunities to make profit but wants to invest into the future of the planet. To put it basically, there is no certainty where your money will be invested it is all dependant on market conditions and opportunities to make capital.


  1. How long will my funds be allocated to the BCG Wealth Group 760 strategy?

Another question which needs to be answered before placing capital into a fund is the duration before one can withdraw, after a brief introduction with the company I soon found that I would need to invest for a minimum of one year before any profit or capital could be drawn down. For investors which need fast access to capital the fund will not be suitable for the simple fact they’re locked in for a 12 month period, those which can tie money up are presented within an excellent opportunity to see excessive returns on a consistent basis. Once the 12 month period is over the investor can decide to fully liquidate funds however if they are happy with; results, returns and service then they can simply drawdown on the profits.

  1. What returns shall I expect from my investment into the BCG Wealth 760 strategy?

For any investor the level of return is always going to be a crucial deciding factor when proceeding with an opportunity, BCG Wealth group have made this an easy and straightforward process for their clients to see and keep up to date with. On average they show a return of 15-18% on a yearly basis which is very attractive especially when looking at current market conditions. Not only are clients told where capital will be invested but are also able to see with pinpoint precision exactly what trades have been placed and how well they are doing; this is all accessed through the online platform they provide meaning investors are able to keep track of their portfolio at all times. Returns will always been in excess of 10% a year, if they do not achieve this minimalistic target then the fund will cease to remain.

  1. Why should I invest with BCG Wealth Group?

After hours and days of tirelessly piecing together and understanding the inner workings of this company we have come up with our own opinion and conclusion. Firstly they are extremely unorthodox, investing into areas which are not only innovative but profitable at the same time. Their approach to investing is simple; look at companies which are looking to create a brighter future whilst still understanding that traditional areas of the market can still be profitable, this has allowed diversification on a scale bigger than we had initially expected and also meant that there were more opportunities to capitalise on and make profit from. Overall if you’re looking for a fund with a proven track record, diversification, keen attention to detail and a real care for the future of investments and technology then this will be one of the best areas you can invest your capital.